Established in 1991, WAFEX has grown to become Australia’s leading exporter of cut flowers. WAFEX has offices and dedicated packing facilities in Perth and Melbourne, export markets in over 16 countries and a dedicated supplier base of over 200 flowers growers covering both the east and west coasts of Australia.


Having experienced substantial growth over their journey, WAFEX first engaged Checkside in 2009 and more recently invested in our HR Sidecar service to provide skills and support to their team leaders and connect their people with their business strategy.


Prior to this we helped WAFEX recruit their first CFO using our A-Grade Recruitment process, as well as their first Non-Executive Director. Both of these people are now integral to the success of the company and we worked with them to plan for and manage change during 2015.


At the start of our HR Sidecar engagement we designed and embedded essential HR systems and processes, with the focus then moving to training and developing their team leaders, building a great performance management system, building an engaged team and a culture that provides a source of competitive advantage (‘The WAFEX way’) and working on recruiting (and promoting) A-Grade People.


The outcomes for WAFEX (so far) include greater alignment between employee objectives and business strategy, consistent and repeatable HR processes – and a compliant HR back office.


Craig Musson, WAFEX CEO, commented: “We’re building a great, experienced team to be able to deal with whatever gets thrown our way…. for us, using Checkside, it’s been easy to see the value.”


20 November

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