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We connect people to business strategy

Business is a competitive sport. Your people are only your greatest asset if you have the right players on your team, who understand your game plan and are committed to helping you win. The first time we meet with business owners, they are often dealing with challenging HR issues. And that’s OK, because we thrive on solving problems. But what we love even more is helping our clients turn business strategy into reality. And that’s where HR Sidecar comes in.

It starts with understanding your business strategy and key drivers. From there we develop a customised HR road map to accelerate the achievement of your objectives. And then we support and up-skill your team leaders to continually drive performance. Our services are specifically designed for private business, so we have done away with complexity and built transparency and accountability into everything that we do.

And because we complement our services with world’s best technology and systems, we help keep your costs down, efficiency up, and your money invested in great performance.

Always move forward

Getting the right people in the right roles – and having them aligned and engaged with your business strategy, is at the heart of business success. Effectively leading and developing your people is the way to drive and sustain that success. We help your business to:


Plan for and lead change


Drive high-performance


Build great people management systems


Build engaged teams and culture


Build a strong employer brand


Train and develop your people


Recruit A-Grade people


Minimise people related risks

Our Process


Step 1: We start with your business strategy

Our proprietary Three Lens Diagnostic Workshop analyses your business strategy, people management systems and profit impacts. In the process we get to the core of your people issues and identify your key business objectives and drivers.


Step 2: We develop a customised HR Road Map

We develop a prioritised plan to connect your people to your business strategy.  We base our plan on proven research to ensure everything we recommend has a direct impact on increasing profit and shareholder value.


Step 3: We execute with discipline

Our HR Sidecar service provides regular access to our team of experts, led by a dedicated adviser. Your adviser will attend your premises on a weekly or fortnightly basis to build and maintain the systems, practices and standards required to turn your business strategy into reality.

We coach and train your leaders to build aligned teams that create sustainable competitive advantage – and provide a quarterly KPI dashboard so that you can see the impact of your people strategy and track your return on investment.

The smart alternative to typical HR

Typical HR managers and contractors aren’t particularly interested in, or equipped for doing business.  In business, that’s sort of a problem. Here’s how engaging Checkside compares with employing typical HR people:

  • Checkside

    • We do what we do because we love business, strategy and continuous improvement
    • We eliminate complexity and add value in everything that we do
    • We seek to drive productivity and strategic advantage
    • We provide team leaders with the management systems and skills they need to manage their own people
    • We’re committed to delivering outcomes for the business owners
    • We’re constantly testing new technology and finding better ways of doing things
    • We understand financial drivers and implement dashboards to guide decisions and track outcomes
    • You get access to an entire team of experts

  • Typical HR

    • They do what they do because they like working with people
    • They add layers of control that fail to improve business outcomes
    • They seek to enforce policies and procedures
    • They justify their positions (or contracts) by controlling as many processes as possible
    • They try to serve two masters – the business owners and the employees
    • They’re still doing things the same way they were in their last job, fearful technology will make them redundant
    • They don’t like numbers and spreadsheets
    • You’re reliant on one person

Proven return on investment

Since 2004, we have helped hundreds of businesses to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through their people. Whilst each client situation is unique, research proves that businesses with the most capable HR functions consistently outperform their peers in terms of profit margin and revenue growth1:

Businesses with great performance management systems 200% 210%
Businesses that are skilled in recruiting A-Grade people 200% 350%
Businesses with a strong employer brand 180% 240%
Businesses that are serious about leadership development 180% 210%


One of our happy clients, Brad Jansen of Qattro shares his experience with our HR Sidecar program and why companies choose Checkside.

Get your people driving profit today. Contact us to find out more.