Leadership Turbocharge


Your people are not your ‘greatest asset’ unless they are aligned and engaged with your business strategy – driving profit and shareholder value.


Great team leaders turn talent into performance. They take the pressure off you so that your business operates smoothly and sustainably, allowing you to spend more time working on your business, rather than in it.


Our Leadership Turbocharge program has been specifically designed for team leaders in private enterprise – and is the perfect complement to our HR Sidecar service.


We have done away with overly academic approaches to learning and built a practical and relevant program outline that develops leaders who think commercially (just like you) and inspire high-performing teams.


And the case studies and examples we use in each training session are tailored to your business, so everything we teach your leaders can be applied to the workplace immediately.


This is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach – it’s about bringing your leaders everything they need (and nothing they don’t) to help your business thrive.


Whilst each client situation is unique, research proves that, on average, businesses with capability in leadership development achieve 180% higher profits and 210% more revenue growth when compared to their less capable peers1.


1Boston Consulting Group 2012


It’s leadership development the way it should be.

Better leaders build great teams

All too often, we see people struggle with the transition from being the ‘star player’, where their focus was on doing great work, to being the team leader, where their focus needs to be on building great teams.


Our Leadership Turbocharge program develops team leaders who are:


Self-aware and aware of what drives others


Financially literate and understand business strategy


Able to position your business and sell your products and services


Able to build and execute their own succession plans


Experts at time and energy management


Expert at planning for and leading change


Employer brand advocates


Skilled at recruiting and onboarding A-Grade people


Able to lead high-performance teams


Builders of engaged teams and winning cultures

Our process

We tailor the content of our programs to suit your business and the outcomes you are looking to achieve, applying the following process:


Step 1: Needs analysis

We start with analysing your business strategy, objectives and understand the capability of your existing leadership team.


Step 2: Program design

We design the specifics of our program content and examples to suit your business.


Step 3: Deliver in a way that works for your business

We deliver our program in bite-size chunks that don’t eat into the demands of your business.
Typically each program runs over 12 months, consisting of:


  • Two to three hours face time each month*
  • Provision of models, templates and practices
  • Ongoing phone support to participants
  • Maximum of six participants per session

Step 4: Review

We run a review session at the end of each program and can graduate rising stars into advanced
coaching programs where suitable.

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