Training and Development

Maximise the ROI of leadership training

Maximising ROI

A recent study, from the University of Adelaide looked at factors that either supported or hindered "training transfer". Training transfer is the ability for leaders who have recently attended a training course, to master and use new skills in their workplace. A number of factors influence how...

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Not everyone is meant to manage

Man sitting at desk

Not everyone has the ability to be a Manager or fill a leadership role. No matter what development or support some people receive, research shows that seven out of 10 people should not be placed in such roles.  Employees’ perception of their Managers is vitally...

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Modelling the masters – ten tips for boosting business

Business Newspaper

Earlier this month I attended a valuable presentation by leading US entrepreneur, speaker and trainer, Jack Daly. Jack is literally 'energy personified'. He talked a lot about learning the lessons of ‘business growth masters’ like Jack Collins, Henry Ford, Ray Kroc and Bill Gates – and...

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