Recruiting A-Graders

The foundations of a winning people strategy


This blog by Scott O'Hehir was recently featured on the Total Synergy website. Scott talks about how recruiting high performers and maintaining employee engagement are key determinants of business success. Read the full article here....

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Increase your recruitment success rate to 90%+


Traditional position descriptions can often lead to companies not attracting or recruiting A-Grade people[1]. They are time-consuming to create, rarely actually used in practice, unnecessary, encourage sloppy management, can exclude A-Grade candidates and are the cause of many recruitment mistakes. Why eliminate traditional position descriptions[2]? 1.      You...

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The profit impact of recruiting A-Grade people

Sports Team american football

Professional sports and entertainment organisations have long known that the ability to recruit the right people has the highest profit impact of any HR function. BCG’s ground-breaking study The Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”) released a ground-breaking study in 2012 that identified a positive correlation between key HR...

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Which HR function has the highest profit impact?


I recently re-discovered a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) that reveals the relative value produced by each of the different HR functions. The findings may surprise you. The table below provides a summary of the BCG findings as they relate to the relative business...

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Getting the recruitment process right

Man in suit

Why are businesses still getting the recruitment process so wrong? Last week I was approached by two different companies to hire people into what were described as ‘important management roles’. This should be great news – it is an ideal time to be looking as there is...

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Is LinkedIn Recruiter for you?

Business People Desk

Most of you will have a LinkedIn profile and be aware that it is the fastest growing social media site in the world - at a rate of two new members per second in recent times. For those who have attended our recruitment workshops or worked...

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How to recruit an external CEO: a practical guide


Many would argue that bringing in external talent to replace a CEO is an example of failed succession planning. However for many SME’s and small-cap listed companies, they are not always going to have the internal talent available to step into the departing CEO’s shoes....

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All aboard: the importance of a robust onboarding

All Aboard

When it comes to recruiting a new staff member, most organisations focus heavily on attracting and then selecting the best possible candidate for their team. A great deal of time and effort goes into selling the organisation, and then once a strong pool of candidates...

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