Managing Change

Four key tips for successfully retiring

retirement pic

As we approach the end of another year, many business owners will take stock and focus on their plans for next year. For some this may involve looking towards retirement. The evidence shows that for owners who have invested a large part of their life and...

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Ten questions towards deeper business partnerships


As a referral based business, I was recently asked about the source of our referrals. Obviously client referrals are a big part of any professional services business, but our relationships with other trusted advisers are also very important to our success. One of the most common...

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Understanding the why: how great leaders inspire action


Every organisation understands what they do, the products they create and the services they provide. Most also have a general understanding of how they do it, their ‘unique selling proposition’ or ‘differentiating value proposition’. However very few organisations are able to clearly communicate why they...

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Succession planning – not just an exit plan!


Whilst most business owners acknowledge that succession planning for their business is critical, when we ask them to define what it is and how they might do it, very few can give a clear answer or process. Of more than 500 hundred small-to-medium sized businesses that...

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