Engagement and Culture

The foundations of a winning people strategy


This blog by Scott O'Hehir was recently featured on the Total Synergy website. Scott talks about how recruiting high performers and maintaining employee engagement are key determinants of business success. Read the full article here....

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Is your HR evolving with your business?


The development and growth of a company can be very exciting. But putting together – and keeping, an effective team that will allow you to achieve your strategy requires careful thinking, planning and execution. As businesses evolve there are five areas of HR that employers need...

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How to create a happier workplace

Girl Happy

Research continues to show that a happy and positive workplace increases productivity, reduces staff turnover and engenders employee flexibility.  Basically happy workers are more likely to say yes to extra responsibilities, stay for longer, collaborate and help boost morale[1].   All of the above adds up...

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How to provide flexibility in your workplace

flexibility 5

Last week as I was waiting outside my son’s classroom a friend asked me what she should write on her resume.  Did employers view time away to have a family unfavourably she asked.  My instant response was that if an employer looked upon her unkindly...

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Six ways stress is silently killing you


In today’s society we often value stress and even look up to people who are constantly stressed. But while this stress response used to be something that saved our lives - helping us ‘fight and take flight’ from predators - today, we use this life-saving...

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Employee engagement key to improving the bottom line


Recent research by online employment resource CareerOne shows job dissatisfaction levels are at a record high. CareerOne's annual report, Hunting the (Hidden) Hunters, confirmed that some 37 per cent of employees are actively looking for new jobs. Overall, 82 per cent of employees are open to moving...

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