Driving High Performance

Are performance review systems a waste of time?


Most companies’ current performance review systems are broken, bureaucratic and a waste of valuable time. Further, the annual process of setting goals, holding mid-year meetings (which often do not take place) and rating people is often demeaning and damaging to employee engagement[1]. Companies need to start...

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Ten tips for giving a good performance review


For many employees, a face-to-face performance review is the most stressful work conversation they’ll have all year.  For managers, the discussion is just as tense. One way to reduce this tension is to provide regular and ongoing feedback to your team all throughout the year....

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Increase performance with non-monetary incentives

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Businesses are always trying to find new ways to keep staff motivated and to maximise productivity. Employee incentives are often aimed at increasing motivation, inspiring performance and encouraging loyalty. But what kind of incentive will achieve the best results? Traditional economic theories suggest that nothing can...

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How to run a continuous performance review process


In March 2012 we posted a blog, Say goodbye to the annual performance review which explained the WHY of changing from an annual review process and towards a process of continuous performance review. Following on from this blog we have put together a step-by-step guide on HOW...

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Say goodbye to the annual performance review

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Many people dread performance reviews. As annual review time approaches, employees often become anxious and managers find excuses to put them off, mainly through a fear of the unknown. Whilst reviews should be about providing constructive feedback and receiving the same from employees, they often end...

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Why carrots and sticks are bad for your company


If I told you that making salary, perks and benefits central to your employees’ work life would lead to poorer performance and demotivation, you’d probably think I was foolish. “But people are motivated by money and extrinsic rewards”, you’d say, “if I dangle a big...

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