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Say goodbye to the annual performance review

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Many people dread performance reviews. As annual review time approaches, employees often become anxious and managers find excuses to put them off, mainly through a fear of the unknown. Whilst reviews should be about providing constructive feedback and receiving the same from employees, they often end...

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Why carrots and sticks are bad for your company


If I told you that making salary, perks and benefits central to your employees’ work life would lead to poorer performance and demotivation, you’d probably think I was foolish. “But people are motivated by money and extrinsic rewards”, you’d say, “if I dangle a big...

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Understanding the why: how great leaders inspire action


Every organisation understands what they do, the products they create and the services they provide. Most also have a general understanding of how they do it, their ‘unique selling proposition’ or ‘differentiating value proposition’. However very few organisations are able to clearly communicate why they...

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Succession planning – not just an exit plan!


Whilst most business owners acknowledge that succession planning for their business is critical, when we ask them to define what it is and how they might do it, very few can give a clear answer or process. Of more than 500 hundred small-to-medium sized businesses that...

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Employee engagement key to improving the bottom line


Recent research by online employment resource CareerOne shows job dissatisfaction levels are at a record high. CareerOne's annual report, Hunting the (Hidden) Hunters, confirmed that some 37 per cent of employees are actively looking for new jobs. Overall, 82 per cent of employees are open to moving...

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All aboard: the importance of a robust onboarding

All Aboard

When it comes to recruiting a new staff member, most organisations focus heavily on attracting and then selecting the best possible candidate for their team. A great deal of time and effort goes into selling the organisation, and then once a strong pool of candidates...

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