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Increase performance with non-monetary incentives

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Businesses are always trying to find new ways to keep staff motivated and to maximise productivity. Employee incentives are often aimed at increasing motivation, inspiring performance and encouraging loyalty. But what kind of incentive will achieve the best results? Traditional economic theories suggest that nothing can...

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Six ways stress is silently killing you


In today’s society we often value stress and even look up to people who are constantly stressed. But while this stress response used to be something that saved our lives - helping us ‘fight and take flight’ from predators - today, we use this life-saving...

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Three ways great leaders make their own luck


Here at Checkside we take a strong interest in the effective execution of business strategy. And when Jim Collins (of Good to Great fame) has something to say, we tend to take note. Collins has teamed up with co-author Morten Hansen, a management professor at...

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Four key tips for successfully retiring

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As we approach the end of another year, many business owners will take stock and focus on their plans for next year. For some this may involve looking towards retirement. The evidence shows that for owners who have invested a large part of their life and...

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Ten questions towards deeper business partnerships


As a referral based business, I was recently asked about the source of our referrals. Obviously client referrals are a big part of any professional services business, but our relationships with other trusted advisers are also very important to our success. One of the most common...

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How to run a continuous performance review process


In March 2012 we posted a blog, Say goodbye to the annual performance review which explained the WHY of changing from an annual review process and towards a process of continuous performance review. Following on from this blog we have put together a step-by-step guide on HOW...

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