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How to provide flexibility in your workplace

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Last week as I was waiting outside my son’s classroom a friend asked me what she should write on her resume.  Did employers view time away to have a family unfavourably she asked.  My instant response was that if an employer looked upon her unkindly...

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Why you need to understand your Employee Value Proposition


Employer Brand International’s 2012/2013 Global Research study found that 39% of companies plan to increase their investment in employer branding initiatives in 2013. Brand management starts on the inside. What is it about your organisation that attracts and retains employees?  Understanding and defining your company’s Employee Value...

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How HR technology is helping small to medium business

hr technology

Technology advancements in the HR sector have evolved rapidly in the last year. Whilst previously the use of HR technology was the domain of larger organisations, there are now many cloud based HR applications that are appropriate for small to medium business. Benefits This technology brings a range...

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Four secrets to success in a slow-growth economy


Western Australian businesses expect 2013 to be a tough one. Recent data from the Commonwealth Bank – CCI Survey of Business Expectations shows that just 13 per cent of WA businesses expect the WA economy will improve over the next 12 months, while 45 per cent...

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How to recruit an external CEO: a practical guide


Many would argue that bringing in external talent to replace a CEO is an example of failed succession planning. However for many SME’s and small-cap listed companies, they are not always going to have the internal talent available to step into the departing CEO’s shoes....

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