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Are you a hero or a hero-maker?

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I had an interesting meeting with a group of Perth based business advisers last week. We were talking about personal and company branding – and the potential ‘hero syndrome’, where the personal brand of a leader and the company brand are synonymous. There are certainly some...

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Is your HR evolving with your business?


The development and growth of a company can be very exciting. But putting together – and keeping, an effective team that will allow you to achieve your strategy requires careful thinking, planning and execution. As businesses evolve there are five areas of HR that employers need...

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How to create a happier workplace

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Research continues to show that a happy and positive workplace increases productivity, reduces staff turnover and engenders employee flexibility.  Basically happy workers are more likely to say yes to extra responsibilities, stay for longer, collaborate and help boost morale[1].   All of the above adds up...

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What is staff turnover costing you?

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Dreaming of an Eagle Bay holiday shack?  Or a 5 star world cruise?  Or maybe just a new pair of Manolo Blahniks?   Is staff turnover costing you that dream….? What does it actually cost you – in dollars – each time a person leaves your organisation? Although...

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Five cool business apps you need to be using right


I’ve had my iPhone for three years today.  In actual fact I’ve had three iPhones in three years.  Unfortunately they keep kamikaze-diving screen first to their untimely deaths. The iPhone was just the start.  Within six months of acquiring my first iPhone, I’d also picked up...

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Five tips to maximising employee survey response

Survey Response

When used effectively, a staff survey has the potential to offer great insight in to the state of employer/employee relations and provides a barometer for successful business practice    However, when not administered appropriately, it has the potential to go very pear shaped – leaving you with...

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