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The foundations of a winning people strategy


This blog by Scott O'Hehir was recently featured on the Total Synergy website. Scott talks about how recruiting high performers and maintaining employee engagement are key determinants of business success. Read the full article here....

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Maximise the ROI of leadership training

Maximising ROI

A recent study, from the University of Adelaide looked at factors that either supported or hindered "training transfer". Training transfer is the ability for leaders who have recently attended a training course, to master and use new skills in their workplace. A number of factors influence how...

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Welcome Roger Hughes, Client Director Consulting

Roger Hughes - B&W

Highly regarded HR and performance expert Roger Hughes has joined Checkside as Client Director, Consulting. Roger has previously held positions as General Manager HR and HSEQ at Macmahon, Organisational Growth and Development Manager at Fortescue, and HR Manager at Ravensthorpe Nickel for BHP. Roger is...

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