A-Grade Recruitment


For most business owners and executives, using a search firm or recruitment agent can be a hollow experience.


Typical recruiters don’t understand the difference between work experience and performance capability. And more often than not, ‘finding people’ is not as difficult as they would have you believe, they just make it hard by not getting the scope right.

Hiring and on-boarding the right people in the right way is what will make or break you.
And the more critical the role you hire for, the more it costs when you get it wrong. For CEO and senior executive positions the destruction of profitability, business value, relationships and culture can cost you up to 15 times the salary of your bad hire1. That’s $3 million of pain for a $200K employee!

When you get the right people in the right seats, nothing will drive your growth faster.
In fact, studies by Boston Consulting Group show that, on average, businesses with capability in recruitment achieve 200% higher profits and 350% more revenue growth when compared to their less capable peers2.


And that’s where our A-Grade approach comes in. We bring you a deeper, more complete process, from senior advisers who truly understand business and what is at stake.


Its recruitment the way it should be, not the way agencies want you to do it.

How we are different:
Checkside is built on a business consulting platform, not a transactional ‘recruiter’ mindset. We understand that ‘design casts the biggest shadow’ and know that great insights and process create great outcomes. From CEO roles down, our A-Grade process enables us to add value at every level.

  • A-Grade Process

    • Thorough Scope, Performance Profile and Information Memorandum
    • Targeted and relevant messaging
    • Candidates are attracted and ‘pulled’
    • Structured and facilitated selection process
    • Quality on-boarding, induction and retention plan in place

  • B-Grade Approach

    • Basic and brief and position description
    • ‘Hit and hope’ search process
    • Hard sell and ‘push’ to candidates
    • ‘Over to you’ selection
    • Non-existent induction and retention plan

1 Geoff Smart, Who, 2008

2 Boston Consulting Group 2012

Our process


Step 1: Nail the Scope

Success starts with our proprietary A-Grade Scope Process, which analyses your strategy, structure, functionality, objectives and profit impacts to design (or re-design) a clear performance profile and recruitment strategy for each role.


We also build an Information Memorandum (IM) to ensure we are positioned to respond to all the great questions an A-Grade candidate will ask.


Step 2: Target the Search

Armed with the right strategy, IM and performance profile we can take the guess-work out of the search process and focus on attracting the talent that can meet the outcomes we have laid out. We maintain an extensive database and network of referrers – and use all the relevant attraction tools and technology available, just in a more targeted way.


Step 3: Screen and Selection

Unstructured interviews are proven to have the lowest validity coefficient of any recruitment step. Our digital screening, scenario testing, cognitive assessments, CV checking and structured interview guides ensure you dramatically increase your probability of success, while cutting out waste (science plays its part).


Checkside was the first firm in Australia to introduce the world leading HireVue Digital Interview platform. HireVue helps remove bias, inconsistency and time wastage from the screening stage, to come up with a quality shortlist faster.


Step 4: Nail the Engagement

The way successful candidates are offered employment and inducted into your business will have a direct impact on how long they expect to stay with you and how inspired they are to drive results.


We leverage the skills and tools of our HR Sidecar team to design the right employment agreement, remuneration structure, pre-start plan and on-boarding process for each situation. The right people starting with the right energy will have a quick impact.

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