19 Oct More Evidence: Engaged employees drive revenue growth and profit margins.

Yet another research study has shown that highly engaged organisations enjoy significantly higher revenue growth and profit compared to other organisations.

A recent research study, conducted by Aon Hewitt, concluded that:

  • Revenue growth was six times higher for highly engaged organisations; and
  • Profit margins were four times higher for highly engaged organisations.


The study put these figures down to organisations excelling in leadership, promoting employee engagement, creating a compelling employer brands and promoting a high-performance culture.

Senior management’s behaviours in generating engagement is crucial, with the top performing organisations having senior leaders communicating open and honestly, treating employees as valuable, and who are visible and accessible.

In the study, 80% of employees belonging to the top performing organisations agreed that their managers set them clear expectations and goals, compared to 66% of employees at other organisations. Being able to communicate to employees about the reasons for organisational change was also a theme for top-performing organisations.

By focusing on these priorities top performing organisations are able to empower employees to help drive better financial performance.

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